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Our Story

The Roe-naissance Project was set up back in 2012 when the Churches Conservation Trust (CCT) called a public meeting to discuss the future of Christ Church in Macclesfield.

Members of the newly formed group set about researching potential uses, visiting other similar examples and brainstorming ideas.  They also polled the local community through Macclesfield Barnaby Festival events.


Eventually, a feasibility study was produced and a public exhibition held in 2013 to present the conclusions.  The proposal reached was for an imaginative play and adventure space for children by day and stage set and backdrop for grown-ups by night.  This took the form of a 'vertical labyrinth' situated in the chancel area with additional facilities elsewhere inside the volume of the church. 

Although well-received, funding and staffing restrictions wouldn't allow the CCT to take on such extensive works at that time.  Regrettably, the concept was shelved and ever since the group have focussed on the more immediate proposition of opening the building to the public.  Our strategy to date is to collate evidence of use in the hope that this will justify a future project to install facilities within the church, thereby securing its long term future as a functional building.


We welcome interest from anyone looking to make use of the building or help out with ideas and time to make the building once more a key part of Macclesfield's community spirit.

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